LEVEL ONE: Elementary (12 lessons)

Students will learn hand movements (traditional grip), primary rudiments, note vales, reading basic rhythms, history of pipe bands. Media provided.

LEVEL TWO: Intermediate (12 lessons)

Students will learn advanced rudimentary work, rudiments in musical scores, reading traditional beatings, and performance. Media provided.

LEVEL THREE: Advanced (24 lessons)

Students will learn further development of advanced rudiments, advanced scores (waltz, 7/8-6/8 combination, playing MSRs (march, strathspey, and reels), preparation for competition: MSR.  Media provided.

LEVEL FOUR: Ensemble Playing (24 lessons)

Students will learn how to play with a band, dynamics, phrasing, perform full medley, preparation for competition: medley. Media involved.

LEVEL FIVE: The Soloist (12 lessons)

Student will learn to write their own MSRs, Medleys, and perform in competition.